Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arizona Sunrise

For the last couple of weeks when I leave for work there have been some unbelievable sunrises. Every morning I tell myself I should bring my camera and take a few pictures.

This morning before I left the house I had all the blinds open in our master bedroom and the sun was beginning to raise. I was able to capture a couple of pictures from the back yard before I left.

I decided to take the camera with me and when I drove around the corner from the house, surprise another beautiful sunrise! I stopped in the road only for a second a snapped this picture.

As I drove down Pecos the sun appeared on the horizon and I snapped this picture while driving.

And then this one, with yes a police officer in the left hand turn lane attempting to make a u-turn. "Hello officer, at least I am not text messaging"!
Luckily he did not see me taking pictures while driving and it still made for a great picture!

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