Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Alyssa's 17th Birthday last October 2007

Since Juniper Well Ranch is on of or favorite vacation spots Alyssa wanted to have her 17th Birthday up at the Ranch with 3 of her friends. She brought with her Becky, Brianna and Tori (from left to right).

Becky and Brianna have been up here before with us and this was Tori's first time. We rented them their own cabin so they could do what teenage girls do. Stay up late, sleep in, play games, take pictures and talk about boys.

They even found Smokey one of the Ranch dogs.

On the first evening we all gathered down at the summer house and had Dave & Linda's home made pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven. (From left to right Chris, Daniel, Linda, Dave and another cabin guest and now our friend Steve).

For dessert the girls made sugar cookies, brownies and Smor's in the pizza oven. Steve had never had a Smor's or even know what one was, so the girl's made Steve his first Smor'. (In case you don't know Smor's are made up of roasted (orcharred) marshmallow's in-between a chocolate bar, which is in-between two graham crackers.)

Daniel was definately the designated roasted (orcharred) marshmallow maker or shall I say Pyromaniac!

From the looks and expressions on Steve's face I would say he liked the Smor's made by the professionals.

Once dinner was over and it was getting late it started to get cold so the girl's and another ranch dog, Maximum Bob thought it would be great to do some bun warming!

"Maximum Bob"

Tori, Maximum Bob, Brianna, Alyssa, and Becky warming their buns!

The girls and Daniel decided the next day to go out to the rail road tracks that run along the ranch property to see if they could catch a train to take pictures.

So they headed to the tracks and the girls entertained themselves by taking some very fun pictures while they waited!

These girls sure have learned how to make the rail road tracks look good and us their imagination while waiting for a train!

Then finally a BNSF freight train came in from the south and the girls headed up on a hill to snap more pictures.

And then the train was gone!

The next day the girls met up with Steve and he took the girls out to ride Dusty his horse that he boards out at Juniper Well Ranch. Tori was the only one that had never ridden before and this was the first time any of the girls had ever rode a horse bare back.

Thank you Steve for taking the girls out to ride Dusty, they had a great time!
That evening we gathered again for another great meal at the summer house with the fire pit. We ate and I had made a rice crispy treat cake for Alyssa's birthday. Then the rest of the evening we gather around the fire pit burning a lot of wood to stay warm.

After our evening of fun and burning every thing we could get our hands on, our weekend was finally coming to an end. So the next day we packed up and head out but not before the girls snapped a few more pictures for memories.

As you can see that the girls made their memories with a statue that was on the porch of the cabin all weekend with them.......I think it is Davie Crocket!

I would definately say the girls had a good time and that Alyssa's 17th Birthday was a success! Happy 17th Birthday Alyssa!